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You wish to start a YouTube Channel badly, but a bunch of self-esteem issues are stopping you?

You wonder: how will I even come up with so many videos to actually get my channel to grow? Will anybody even watch my videos? But what if my friends laugh at me, and people leave hate comments? And how can I possibly beat my anxiety of standing in front of a camera?

We get it. We really do.

Most of India’s top YouTubers today used to toy with these thoughts before they actually took the plunge and trusted themselves. Including our lovely founder, Saloni Srivastava!

But you see, YouTube is the most visited website in the world today.

So there isn’t a better time for you to start a YouTube Channel. And what better to do that than under the guidance of someone who’s been through the grind, and learned it the hard way?

With over 400K active followers, and after building an impressive social media empire, Saloni has packed in every ounce of her experience into a power-packed program.

So if you’re looking for a comprehensive place to kickstart your YouTube journey – congratulations! You just found your best bet.


Confident YouTubers’ Program by Hustlepost Academy

Here’s everything you’ll learn inside the Youtube Learning Course

Module 1

In module 1, we will introduce you to the academy and the community along with introducing you to the basics of YouTubing.

Module 2

The module 2 is all about finding the right idea and conducting content research before setting up your YouTube channel.

Module 3

The third module will give you access to beginner-friendly masterclasses on shooting and editing YouTube videos.

Module 4

In module 4, we equip you with the marketing knowledge you need to organically grow your YouTube channel.

Module 5

The module 5 is all about reviewing your YouTube channel, strategy, and research. Saloni will review your work and help you improve it accordingly.

Module 6

Finally, in the last module, we provide you a PDF of niches and high-value content ideas that you can use in your YouTube journey.

On top of these training modules, if you join today– You’ll unlock bonuses worth INR 30,000 for FREE! 

Remember, when you come into The Hustlepost Academy, you’re not getting dumped into some dusty old online Youtube marketing course with pre-recorded videos. We will help you with strategies at every step of the way.

Round the clock access to an exclusive members-only Facebook group with fellow YouTubers

Every resource material you will need to make your journey easy: tools, content strategy frameworks, secret hacks, and so much more

An in-depth training on how to create a YouTube channel from scratch that is bound to attract a loyal subscriber base

A discussion feature on your course dashboard, to promptly drop in any query that may arise, in the middle of a lesson

Access to the HustlePost Academy Team over email, to get all your questions answered directly

An e-copy of Saloni’s labour of love, our Dream Life Journal, so that you can make all your goals come true in a guided way

This Youtube certification course is for you, if

Our students are running some aha-mazing YouTube channels!
You can expect similar results when you join our program 🙂

Meet Your Trainer


TEDx Speaker | Multiple 7 Figure Entrepreneur | 400,000+ Subscribers on YouTube

Saloni spent her entire life doing things a little differently from what was expected of her. When her whole family wanted her to keep rising the corporate ladder and continue to work on her full-time, high-paying job, Saloni decided to quit and start her own content creation journey.

Today, Saloni is a well-known content creator with a following of over 500,000 awesome people, a TEDx speaker, and the founder of multiple online ventures.

With HustlePost Academy, her mission is to ‘normalize’ the idea of side hustles and build a culture of solopreneurship in India.

Get Certified

Yes! This isn’t a run of the mill course. You’ll get an official certification once you finish the program.

So are you ready to become the next big YouTube star?

One Time Payment

for one year access

INR 999/-

Our students are running some aha-mazing YouTube channels!
You can expect similar results when you join our program 🙂

Frequently asked questions

Yes, it is possible to start YouTubing now and make money.

Yes, new content creators, who are good and consistent, are able to attract audience and grow on YouTube.

Yes, YouTube is an amazing source of income. Content creators are earning so much through YouTube alone and you too can be one of them. However, it goes without saying that earning through YouTube is not quick. You will have to consistently work to reach that point where you will be making good income consistently.

Yes, you can start YouTube without money. YouTubing doesn’t require a lot of money or investment. You just need a decent camera on which you can record quality videos. We all have smartphones, right?

Haha! This, again, is a common presumption. We, as an audience, often see creators in their expensive houses wearing luxury clothes with expensive lights all around them creating content. But that is not true for all and it is absolutely unnecessary, especially for a beginner.

A course on YouTubing will help you understand how, what and when to create content so that you can get an audience easily. In addition to that, it will also teach you how to market your videos and channels so that you can make decent money through it

In our YouTubing course, we start right from the basics. It all starts with selecting a profitable niche. Then comes creating and editing videos, after that there are thumbnails, and finally how to market your videos for better engagement, and how to get brand sponsorships. Everything and more is covered in our YouTubing course.

Access to this program lasts 12 full months. And you can rejoin when your 12 months are finished if you want.

The program costs RS. 999/- for one full year of membership. You can rejoin after one year for a discounted price if you want.

No, we don’t offer EMI options for this course.