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Niharika Pole Sarwate

In a short span of working with Saloni, I’ve made a revenue of over 4.4 lacs+ in my business. Within just 4 months, I have accomplished several things. I started my freelancing business and landed multiple paid clients including a super high-paying content head gig. I have also started my own coaching program to mentor aspiring freelance writers and social media professionals and also landed a steady flow of clients for that. All of this happened because of Saloni’s strategies and guidance.

Pallavi Hegde

Joining Saloni’s program was one of the best decisions I have made for my career. I now make an income of 1,40,000 per month while also having a job on the side. I have started multiple online ventures after working with her. Started freelancing as a social media strategist for coaches, and then started my own coaching program- ‘LinkedIn Rockstars Academy‘. I have coached 50+ Rockstars as a part of LRA and my 1:1 consultations. Saloni gave me that boost I needed in my career to start something outside my 9-5 and create a new revenue stream. Forever thankful to Saloni and Hustlepost Academy.

Anusha Gorthy

Coming into Hustlepost Academy changed my life. After resigning from my corporate job to spend time with my kid, I chose Copywriting as a career. But, I was not so happy, because I used to earn very low– like 1000 INR per month.

So, before starting HPA, I thought I could start something and earn INR10K at least per month after one year. But, things are very different now. Now, I can easily quote 30k to 50k just for 1 day of branding strategy and other services. I also coach aspiring copywriters in my academy now and it’s my favorite thing to do. Saloni’s Hustlepost Academy was like a god-sent angel.

Sonitha Mandava

Since joining Hustlepost Academy, I have signed over 200 clients for my online coaching business. Even as a college student, I earn more than 1 lac per month.

Hustlepost Academy not only helps you with all you need to start your online business but also gives you the courage to get started. This course is an absolute must for anyone.

Prathiba Leo

I bagged 3 clients within 10 days of joining Hustlepost Academy’s Side Hustle Formula course for content writing services along with my full-time job. I now have a stable income of a side hustle and pretty soon I would be able to quit my job to pursue writing full time. A big thanks to Hustlepost Academy for making this happen.

Shakthi Prabha

I was already a content writer but was working with a low pay. After joining Hustlepost Academy, I have increased my pay scale. I got 2 new clients with good pay after joining HPA. I also launched my own website, which is the most exciting part for me. HPA has been the first step towards my entrepreneurial journey and I am glad that I chose the best mentor to guide me throughout.

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