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So you love spending time on social media platforms and can recite all the trendy reel songs by heart?

News flash: It isn’t a useless talent.

 Almost all brands today need social media savvy people like you and would happily pay you BIG money for it!

Yes, knowing  which seemingly useless trend can get a business the traffic they need is a highly lucrative skill today. 

All you have to do is give structure to your social media knowledge, add a little tempering of strategy to it and voila, you can call yourself a Social Media Marketer (SMM)!

Brands of all industries and sizes today are hiring SMMs to build their brand on social media, and we think you’ll be a great fit for this space. Want to get started and make the income of your dreams by literally spending time on social media apps?

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Six Figure SMM Formula by Hustlepost Academy

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Here’s everything you’ll learn inside this course to become a freelance social media manager – 

Introduction to SMM

In the first module, you will be introduced to the role of a social media manager.

Must Have SMM Skills

The second module equips you with the knowledge and skills you need to plan content according to your client’s requirements.

Instagram Mastery

In module three, we touch on strategising techniques that you need to know for optimal Instagram use.

LinkedIn Mastery

Module four introduces you to LinkedIn and equips you with the information you need for success on the platform.

YouTube Mastery

The fifth module will give you a complete introduction to the world of YouTube and skills needed to manage that effectively.

Getting Premium Clients

In the final module, you learn how to set prices your services and get premium clients as an SMM.

On top of these training modules, if you join today– You’ll unlock bonuses worth INR 45,000 for FREE! 

Remember, when you come into The Hustlepost Academy, you’re not getting dumped into some dusty old online social media course with pre-recorded videos. We will help you with strategies at every step of the way.

Round-the-clock access to an exclusive members-only Facebook group with fellow SMMs

Every resource material you will need to make your journey easy: pricing lists, portfolio samples, templates, contracts, and so much more

In-depth training on how to create a portfolio from scratch that is bound to attract high-ticket clients

A discussion feature on your course dashboard, to promptly drop in any query that may arise in the middle of a lesson

Access to the Hustlepost Academy Team over email, to get all your questions answered directly

An e-copy of Saloni’s labour of love, our Dream Life Journal, so that you can make all your goals come true in a guided way

This social media management course with certificate is for you, if

Our students are making waves as top SMMs in India

You can expect to see similar results when you join our best social media marketing course.

Meet Your Trainer


TEDx Speaker | Multiple 7 Figure Entrepreneur | 10+ Years of SMM Experience

Saloni spent her entire life doing things a little differently from what was expected of her. When her whole family wanted her to keep rising the corporate ladder and continue to work on her full-time, high-paying job, Saloni decided to quit and start her own content creation journey.

Today, Saloni is a well-known content creator with a following of over 500,000 awesome people, a TEDx speaker, and the founder of multiple online ventures.

With HustlePost Academy, her mission is to ‘normalize’ the idea of side hustles and build a culture of solopreneurship in India.

Get Certified

Yes! This isn’t a run of the mill course. You’ll get an official certification once you finish the program.

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Frequently asked questions

Social media management, in simple words, is the process of creating and posting content on different social media platforms with the goal of increasing the audience, engagement, and leads.

You don’t need any specific qualifications to become a social media manager. Anyone with decent knowledge of social media management or curiosity to learn about it can start their career in this field.

As a social media manager, you will be responsible for creating content for all social media platforms that will benefit your client’s business. In addition to that, you will also create strategies that will attract relevant audience and increase the engagement rate.

Yes, you can always acquire the skills and knowledge required to become a social media manager so even if you are an absolute beginner, you can learn and start your career as a social media manager or a freelance social media manager.

In our course, we teach you everything you need to start your career as a social media manager. The course starts with introduction to the role and must have skills. After that, we teach you, in detail, how to manage social media platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn, and then finally we give you the skillset required to find high paying clients, create packages, and charge according to your abilities.

This is just the gist of the course, go through our course curriculum to know how much you will be learning through this course.

As a social media manager, you will be managing your client’s social media. They will not ask you to face the camera. So, even if you are not comfortable with creating reels or coming in front of the camera, you still can become a social media manager.

We suggest having a public Instagram account where you can show your work and profile as a social media manager to attract potential clients. But if you are not comfortable with that, you can completely skip this part.

Access to this program lasts 12 full months. And you can rejoin when your 12 months are finished if you want.

The program costs RS. 3199/- for one full year of membership. You can rejoin after one year for a discounted price if you want.

No, we don’t offer EMI options for this course.