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Has teaching always been an area of interest for you?

The post-pandemic world has seen a complete shift in how people teach and learn. From little kids to retired individuals, everyone has found a way to learn things online from people who are real practitioners.

And thanks to this shift, the online learning space has become a multi-billion dollar industry today!

So if you have something that excites you, something that you truly feel you have expertise in- it is easier than ever today to build your own online course around it. And with the right marketing and outreach, you’ll have students lining up to learn from you in no time. 

Whatever your area of expertise may be- cooking, marketing, dancing, fashion, or even something super niche like pet parenting; building an online course around it is no longer tedious or scary. And with our guidance and support, you’ll find it even easier to get started! 

So let’s work together to build out your AMAZING online course which will not only unlock massive wealth and freedom for you, but will also create an impact for all the eager learners who’ll line up to learn from you! 


Online Course Creators’ Bootcamp by Hustlepost Academy

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Here’s everything you’ll learn inside the course

Module 1

In the first module, we introduce you to the idea of course creation.

Module 2

The second module is all about setting goals and planning the course content.

Module 3

In the final module, we help you create the course and market it online so that you can meet your income targets.

On top of these training modules, if you join today– You’ll unlock bonuses worth INR 35,000 for FREE! 

Remember, when you come into The HustlePost Academy, you’re not getting dumped into some dusty old online course with pre-recorded videos. We will help you with strategies at every step of the way.

Round-the-clock access to an exclusive members-only Facebook group with fellow course creators

Every resource material you will need to make your journey easy: course creation templates, marketing plans, etc.

In-depth training on how to create a portfolio from scratch that is bound to attract high-ticket clients

A discussion feature on your course dashboard, to promptly drop in any query that may arise in the middle of a lesson

Access to the Hustlepost Academy Team over email, to get all your questions answered directly

An e-copy of Saloni’s labor of love, our Dream Life Journal, so that you can make all your goals come true in a guided way

This course is for you, if

Our students have launched some best-selling online courses!
You can expect similar results once you join our program 🙂

Meet Your Trainer


TEDx Speaker | Multiple 7 Figure Entrepreneur | Popular Course Creator

Saloni spent her entire life doing things a little differently from what was expected of her. When her whole family wanted her to keep rising the corporate ladder and continue to work on her full-time, high-paying job, Saloni decided to quit and start her own content creation journey.

Today, Saloni is a well-known content creator with a following of over 500,000 awesome people, a TEDx speaker, and the founder of multiple online ventures.

With HustlePost Academy, her mission is to ‘normalize’ the idea of side hustles and build a culture of solopreneurship in India.

Get Certified

Yes! This isn’t a run of the mill course. You’ll get an official certification once you finish the program.

Ready to launch your own online course in 2023?

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Frequently asked questions

Anyone who wishes to share their knowledge, skills, and experience can create a course online.

Again, anything that you believe you are good at and/or can teach others easily and in an effective way, you can teach in your online course.

We teach you how to market your course in this course, so you can rest assured.

 Yes, it is absolutely possible for you to create a profitable online course even if you have never recorded yourself. We teach you how to record a course.

In an online course, most of the time you are sharing a screen and your own face is in a very small corner of the screen. So, we don’t think it should be an issue for you as more than you, your students are interested in what you are teaching.

Creating a course online can give you the opportunity to make a passive income. All you have to do is create a course one time and market it. Moreover, it is a great way of getting an audience for your other side hustles.

Creating a course isn’t easy or straightforward. And considering the competition, you need to create something great even if it’s your first time. This course helps you achieve that idea of “perfection”.

In this course, we help you find a profitable course idea and guide you through the process of creating an online course. We also teach you how to market your course and earn money.

Access to this program lasts 12 full months. And you can rejoin when your 12 months are finished if you want.

The program costs RS. 999/- for one full year of membership. You can rejoin after one year for a discounted price if you want.

No, we don’t offer EMI options for this course.