HPA Student Success Stories

Meet some of our rockstar students who’ve built massively profitable side hustles for themselves!


Khyati was a YouTuber even before she joined HPA. But her channel, in the last 3 years, had only received 700 subscribers. To have 700 people actively consuming your content is a huge deal. But as Khyati mentioned in the interview: when you are creating educational, informative content, people don’t really binge-watch your videos back to back. This is exactly what she was struggling with, limited subscribers and views. Today, she is creating very niched-down content on YouTube and still has managed to gain 60k subscribers on the platform in a year.


How often do you see a college student making this kind of income? Harshi Jain is making more than INR 50,000 a month as a full-time student. There is nothing about her that you can’t relate to- she is a determined, dedicated, hardworking student and hustler who had a clear vision that she wanted to do something, something more productive and challenging.


After becoming a mother, Anusha chose to prioritize her kid over her career and decided to take a break from her job.

While she was on a break from her full-time career, she decided to freelance with her content writing services. This was before she joined Hustlepost Academy. Of course, as an Indian content writer, she was paid less than she deserved but then she joined our academy and things changed for the better.

She was not only able to upskill and start a career in copywriting but she also increased her revenue. In last year alone she was able to make 13 lacs.


Garima joined HPA amidst lockdown because she had lost her job and didn’t know what she was passionate about or had an interest in. Today, she is generating a revenue of at least INR 80,000 a month.

Before joining Hustlepost Academy, Garima had completed her Master’s with a finance major. When the pandemic hit, she lost her job. Today, she is offering to coach aspiring VAs, alongside her virtual assisting business, and helps them build a fulfilling career.


Rupal, before joining Hustlepost Academy, was a biology teacher. Today, she has multiple sources of income. Currently, Rupal is making a six-figure income through her coaching business. It indeed is an achievement but more than that what matters is the fact that she is happy with how her career turned out.

It’s her determination to learn and experiment with her career and her consistency in implementing everything that was taught in the course that helped her in starting her coaching career.