5 Stages of Building a Side Hustle

Written by Ashish Sharma

May 4, 2021

You must have come across countless people telling you how non-negotiable and necessary it is to start a side hustle, especially in the post-pandemic world, where building multiple income streams has almost become like investing in life insurance. Simply put, it’s just an important way of mitigating an unforeseeable disaster.

 They’ll tell you that in 2021, it is high time that you begin looking at having several micro-careers sprawling through nonsymbiotic industries with fairly low chances of crashing down all at the same time.

 But it’s rare to see people talk about the relevant how’s of that process, and a battle-tested blueprint of what your journey of actually starting & growing your side hustle should look like. So we came up with this humble theory that attempts to help you navigate through the course of you starting your venture from scratch, and the several stages you will find yourself in on your way. They are as follows:

Stage 1: Imitation

When you first get on the side hustle bandwagon and try to discover your niche & space, you will catch yourself taking inspiration from somebody else’s already done & dusted body of work. You will lend yourself to the easy comfort of replicating thoughts and ideas that have already been executed before, but don’t be afraid to continue, for the only reason that will happen is due to your lack of experience and expertise.

And remember – whatever you do at this stage will not be a true reflection of your potential, and if you ever feel guilty for imitating in delusion, remind yourself that most people have been there at some point.

Stage 2: Self-Discovery

The next stage would arrive only if you keep putting in the hark work required to build a successful side hustle, and it would help you find more confidence in your skills. This is where you will finally discover a voice that is distinctly unique to you. And with it, you will also subconsciously open the floodgates of genuine ideas that will steer your side hustle journey ahead. So be patient while you’re at it, because you are only getting started!

Stage 3: Anxiety

And like most journeys, there will come a point in yours too, where you’d feel as though everything you’ve worked towards until this point has been completely wrong. That you’ve made a ton of mistakes and uninformed decisions, the ill-effects of which will always keep trickling down to your future actions.

But don’t let this stage weigh you down so much, for this anxiety is totally valid and an inescapable part of every side hustler’s story. It will set you on a learning curve that only goes up and above from hereon. So, just allow yourself to sit with your feelings, and take your time to process and come to terms with them. 

Stage 4: Commitment

This is where you and your side hustle will truly come on your own. Together. Here, you will find the confidence and motivation needed to stay committed to your work, and the lessons that you gathered from the previous stage will begin to guide your journey ahead.

You will finally become more comfortable with the liberty of being your own boss, and subsequently slip into a routine that suits your life and personality. Things will finally start falling into place, and soon, you will realize that the results of all your efforts are well on their way. To you!

Stage 5: Redemption

And here comes the stage you where working so relentlessly to reach! After being through the joys and toil of building your side hustle, you will see it grow into a profitable online business, with multiple inbound clients looking to book your calendar and reap the benefits of your services.

But a word of caution: don’t get carried away by your success, and keep putting in the work to make your dreams bigger. Because someone wise had once said that the sky’s the limit, and beyond it is an unending space that no human has ever seen!

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